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DENCO Fuses has been manufacturing high quality fuses for over thirty years now using state-of-the-art German technology. Our fuse manufacturing facility rigidly conforms to all the Internationally recognized standards, such as VDE, DIN, CSA, CE, UL, NBR, NEMA, IEEE and NEC as well. Besides these standards which we find to be equally important in our ability to build custom fuses.

Please take your time to review our website and see how we can truly help you keep your machines, systems and power grid running efficiently and safely while providing you a more cost effective electrical fuse solution to your bottom line. In fact, email or call us for even quicker response.

We can cross reference all major manufacturers fuses, just provide us with their fuse part numbers or send us your specs and we’ll find the right fuse suitable to your requirements.

Our Products

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a. Class L Fuses

b. Class J Fuses

c. Class RK1 Fuses, RK5, & K5 Fuses

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a. E-Rated (PT) Transformer / Potential Transformer Protection Distribution Fuses

b. R-Rated Motor Starter / Soft Starter Protection Distribution Fuses

c. C-Rated Capacitor Protection Distribution Fuses

d. Loadbreak Elbow Fuses

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a. BS88 British Standard Fuses

b. Type NH Square Body Fuses

c. Type HH HRC Fuse-Links

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a. Semiconductor Fuses / Form 101

b. Semiconductor Fuses 

c. Ferrule Cartridge / Midget Fuses

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a. Cable Protectors (CP)

b. DC Fuses / Metro, Transit, Light Rail & Locomotive / Electric Vehicle / Photovoltaic Solar, Alternative Energy Applications

c. Special Custom Design AC or DC Fuses


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