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Who We Are

DENCO Fuses, Inc. is a family owned and operated manufacturer of high quality, hand-made Electrical/Industrial Fuses. Our company’s journey began in the electrical fuse industry as DenMar Transit Engineering, inc being incorporated in the state of Florida in 1988.

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From there, working together with Metro Transit systems, we began designing and manufacturing DC fuses for their rail cars and also substations.

 Not soon after Den Mar Transit Engineering began doing business as DenMar Fuses, Inc. since the expansion of our electrical fuse manufacturing which soon took on all aspects of circuit protection utilizing electrical fuses AC and DC.

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Our company name changed once more in 2007 to DENCO Fuses, Inc. which is who we are today; manufacturing, supplying and distribution of almost all industrial electrical fuses utilized for circuit protection specifically in the medium to high voltage fuse ranges.

Our electrical and industrial fuse manufacturing continues to grow and includes:

American U.L. Class types, German DIN Standards, Latin American Fuses, European Fuses, and other International fuses.

Our line of fuse products include:

Current limiting, Primary fuses, Back-up fuses and Full range fuses; Class J, Class L and RK5; Cable Protectors for underground line distribution; R-rated motor / soft starter fuses; DC fuses for direct current applications, Metro Transit & locomotive fuses, PV Photovoltaic Solar fuses, EV Electric Vehicle fuses; PT fuses, Transformer Protection fuses; Capacitor fuses; Semiconductor fuses and Rectifier fuses; British Standard BS88, as well as, OEM fuses, specialty fuses, discontinued fuses or custom made one-off fuses our clients request.

Our inventory and capabilities will continue to expand and evolve with the needs of our clients.

 Here at DENCO Fuses we strive on our commitment to offering you high quality electrical fuse products and lower pricing by buying direct from the manufacturer.

With our customer loyalty program, we continue to decrease delivery times while increasing customer satisfaction.

 While most of our products are built to order, DENCO Fuses also stocks quantities of inventory upon request to offer our clients a shorter lead time and a shorter down time to their end users. In this industry, you and I both know you needed these fuses yesterday.

We’re not looking to be the biggest, but we are striving to be the best. With Your Specs, Our Fuses, and Best Prices.

Our Factory & Testing Lab

To grow with the needs of our clients, we have recently expanded with the addition of a second manufacturing facility.

Built from the ground up, it has been in full operation since January 2019. Both of our factories utilize state-of-the-art German technology and our engineers have over 80 years of combined experience manufacturing electrical fuses for circuit protection.

 Our company has made strategic investments in new technologies to enhance its business model to make sure your fuse selection, purchasing, and customer experience is truly exceptional.

 These initiatives include focused management with extensive knowledge in the field of circuit protection, enhanced customer service operations, larger warehousing space for holding client requested stock, superior sourcing strategies of which only the highest quality of raw materials are utilized in our electrical fuse products, and special customer loyalty pricing programs.

Our customer loyalty program includes stocking fuse products for free for our repeat clients so that they are readily available to them. This eliminates manufacturing lead times in getting our fuse products out to our clients location or we can drop ship straight to their jobsite.

 Because so much electrical power depends on our products, we take quality and safety seriously. We do third party testing at IPH Berlin (one of the world’s leading & largest electrical testing facilities to date) when our clients request such testing.

 We also do our own in­-house testing at our factory lab to ensure all our electrical fuse products perform to the specs given. This gives our clients piece of mind that our fuse products will perform safely and flawlessly as intended.

Our factory lab is capable of several testing types, including:
• Electrical resistance measurements (ohms)
• Temperature-rise at rated current measurements (Body & Terminal)
• Power dissipation measurements (watts loss)
• I/T Curve verification (Time/Current Rise)
• Melting & Non Melting Current
• Sand Compactness & Insulation Test
• Dimension and visual verification


By having our own in-house testing lab, we are able to maintain quality control  during every phase of the  manufacturing process, proving our high quality fuse products and manufacturing lead times to be the best in the industry.

While many fuse manufacturers take up to 90 days at minimum for manufacturing, DENCO Fuses turnaround times are 30 days on average. These consistent on site quality checks we do ensure our clients receive our characteristically high caliber fuses, faster.

If you are searching for a circuit protection solution for your electrical systems or have a fuse requirement to protect your electrical applications and electrical grid, contact DENCO fuses today.

You can call us at 305.273.6226. We want to help you get the right fuses and we are always willing to answer your questions.

Focus On Main Growing Markets

DENCO Fuses • Products to serve market needs

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Public Transportation

Whether it be Heavy Rail, Light Rail, Metro Transit Systems, Locomotives, Trolley Rail, Trolley Bus, Substations, Mining vehicles or any other DC Rail applications. DENCO Fuses has been designing and manufacturing DC fuses suitable for all your circuit protection requirements since 1988.

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Utility/Power Companies

DENCO Fuses understands that power companies don’t just run to their local hardware store to pick up the materials they require to build their plants and power grid. That is why DENCO Fuses offers custom design and manufacturing of one-off fuses for our clientele specifically designed for their applications. We offer this along with all the standard fuses manufactured and utilized today for circuit protection of power generation facilities.

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OEM/Specialty Custom Design

We follow all Internationally recognized standards and specs to design when developing one-of-a-kind fuses for our clients. The main focus is to protect their applications and systems from short circuits and spikes with our current-limiting fuses. From Primary Fuses, Backup Fuses, and Full Range fuses, we can safely design a fuse product suitable to your application utilizing your specs given.

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Electrical Contractors

Take a look at what we have to offer for your electrical fuse, circuit protection requirements. DENCO Fuses manufactures and covers key elements in protective fuse devices suitable to your job site requirements. From underground line distribution fuses and protection of commercial and residential buildings. Let us know how we can help keep your assets operating safely with our current limiting, circuit protection fuse products.

Customer Oriented Product

Product Uniqueness

The quality of fuses has declined in the United States and the global market since the few giant fuse manufacturers have had to reduce costs to remain competitive.

Here at DENCO Fuses, we continuously make our fuse products to be the very best of quality, best performance, and longevity in service than our competitors. Each and every one of our products are hand assembled with only the highest quality raw materials at substantially lower costs.

By forging and nurturing mutually beneficial relationships with our material suppliers, we are able to pass the savings down to our clients. In addition, DENCO Fuses has more of a customer oriented product.

Our clients’ needs change, often requiring unique resolutions. By designing our fuses with the specifications they provide to fit their specific needs, we demonstrate our edge over the competition.

We’ll manufacture the discontinued fuses or specialty fuses that our competitors won’t touch.

Our manufacturing facility rigidly conforms to the internationally recognized standard for quality ISO 9001, and DENCO Fuses complies with all of the accepted international standards such as VDE, DIN, CSA, CE, UL, NBR, NEMA, IEEE and NEC.

Each fuse has value added by being sealed in a transparent heated shrink-wrap, plastic bubble wrapped, and then each individual fuse box is also sealed. This process insures the fuses will have a long shelf life for retailers, wholesalers, distributors and end-users, as well as protect your fuse products during shipping.

We stock quantities of inventory upon request for fast deliveries therefore shorter down times to the end-user.

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